Sunday , Oct , 19 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Miami Heat Interested in Jamaal Tinsley

Miami Heat Interested in Jamaal TinsleyAm I the only one who saw this coming a long time ago?  With Miami’s deficiencies at point guard, it’s only natural that they should be interested in Jamaal Tinsley.  Today’s report from the New York Daily News suggests that the troubled floor general may end up suiting up for the Heat this season if the two sides can come to an agreement.

Miami has interest in Jamaal Tinsley, stuck at home in Atlanta as the Pacers continue to try to move him. As for Miami’s new "running game" that Dwyane Wade was so excited about, the Heat’s offense under new coach Erik Spoelstra "is a clone" of Pat Riley’s system, according to one Eastern Conference coach. Meaning there’s no running.

Could it be a good fit?  Let us know what you think of the possibility of Jamaal Tinsley ending up with the Miami Heat this year.