Saturday , Oct , 25 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Differing Reports on the Alleged Isiah Thomas Overdose

Differing Reports on the Alleged Isiah Thomas OverdoseAfter a fairly unequivocal report that Isiah Thomas had been taken to hospital after an overdose of sleeping pills, a newer account has come to light that suggests otherwise.

Several local media outlets reported police confirmed it was Thomas who was taken to the hospital.
But reached on his cell phone, Thomas, who is 47, told the New York Post he had not been treated for a sleeping pill overdose, and that it was his 17-year-old daughter Lauren who had a medical issue.

It "wasn’t an overdose," he told the newspaper. "My daughter is very down right now. None of us are OK."
Harrison Police Chief David Hall refuted Thomas’ statement about his daughter to the New York Times on Friday night.

"I understand that this person claims it was his daughter; he is lying," Hall told the newspaper. "It was definitely not his daughter, it was a male. We know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female."Sports Illustrated

So what really happened?  Is Isiah Thomas telling the truth?  If Isiah was the one being treated, why on earth would he say it was his teenage daughter?  What’s really going on here?  Let us know what you think in the comment box below.