Monday , Oct , 27 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Knicks Cut Patrick Ewing Jr.

We just spoke with Donnie Walsh. Basically, he chose Roberson over Ewing. Jr. because he believes at some point, the Knicks are going to need shooters and that’s Roberson’s specialty.

"You start looking at well, what are our potential needs? Walsh said. "I think that’s where this went down to in the sense that it was felt that in the immediate future, potentially, that shooting could become a problem for this team. So that was the reason for Anthony Roberson because that’s what he can do."

He said Ewing Jr. took the news better than he did. His hope is that if Ewing Jr. does not land on another NBA roster, that Ewing will play in the D-League and the Knicks can somehow find a way to bring him back. Walsh also did say that he looked for a 2-for-1 deal so he could find a way to keep Ewing Jr., but nothing worked out.