Wednesday , Nov , 05 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Tracy McGrady: Rockets Are Going as Far as I Take Them

"We are going to go as far as I take it," McGrady said. "If I’m healthy, I’m almost positive that good things will happen for this team."

McGrady, 29, hasn’t played more than 71 games in any of the past three seasons. He missed 16 contests last season, and had surgery in May to clear loose tissue in his left shoulder and left knee, then missed most of the preseason because of a left leg injury.

"Injuries have affected his whole career," Rivers said. "I remember a day we were practicing and he took his shirt off, and I said, ‘Boy, you are going to have a bad back.’ It’s the curvature in his back. He started laughing and, I swear, about a month later, his back went out."