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NBA News for November 5th, 2008

NBA News for November 5th, 2008

Knicks Will Keep Stephon Marbury, Leave Him on Bench

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

The New York Knicks have no plans to do anything with Stephon Marbury, except pay him his $21.9 million salary and give him a great seat to watch all their games.

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni and team president Donnie Walsh said that they will not waive, buy out or trade Marbury. They also will not let him play in games, unless there is an injury to their top three guards, Chris Duhon, Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson.

After Walsh met with both D’Antoni and Marbury on Monday, the Knicks announced Tuesday that they feel the issue is dead. Marbury will be inactive until further notice.

Tracy McGrady: Rockets Are Going as Far as I Take Them

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

"We are going to go as far as I take it," McGrady said. "If I’m healthy, I’m almost positive that good things will happen for this team."

McGrady, 29, hasn’t played more than 71 games in any of the past three seasons. He missed 16 contests last season, and had surgery in May to clear loose tissue in his left shoulder and left knee, then missed most of the preseason because of a left leg injury.

"Injuries have affected his whole career," Rivers said. "I remember a day we were practicing and he took his shirt off, and I said, ’Boy, you are going to have a bad back.’ It’s the curvature in his back. He started laughing and, I swear, about a month later, his back went out."

Allen Iverson to Wear #1 Jersey for Rest of Season

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

Allen Iverson will wear No. 1 for the Pistons.

The All-Star guard, acquired in a trade with Denver on Monday, had wanted to wear his usual No. 3, which is currently being worn by second-year guard Rodney Stuckey.

Stuckey indicated he would be willing to give up the number, but the NBA ruled Tuesday that a change in numbers can’t take place until after the season.

NBPA Willing to Help Stephon Marbury

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

If Stephon Marbury elects to seek the National Basketball Players Association’s help to end his roster quagmire with the Knicks, the union’s chief said he’s ready.

"We may be engaging the team in trying to see if there’s some kind of mutually beneficial position that the parties can arrive at," Billy Hunter, the executive director of the NBPA, told Bloomberg News. "Maybe there’s somebody willing to trade for him. Maybe you can do a buyout. It depends on the parties."

Marbury has been on the inactive list for each of the Knicks’ first three games. Marbury is so far out of the team’s plans that coach Mike D’Antoni tabbed Jerome James instead of Marbury to replace the injured Eddy Curry on the active list against Milwaukee, even though the 7-foot-1, 285-pound James played in just two games last season and would seem a horrible fit for an up-tempo system.

Vince Carter: NBA Games Should Be Suspended on Election Day

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

The NBA plays games on Christmas, so why not Election Day? Vince Carter, though, isn’t so hot on the idea.

"I don’t get it. This is an important day," Carter said. "Everybody should be taking off from work and making sure they get to the polls."

Carter said his bruised left hand was okay but he wasn’t sure if he’d play tonight wearing a bandage.

Pistons Probably Not Looking at LeBron James

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

Did Pistons president Joe Dumars make the Allen Iverson trade to put the Pistons in position to court LeBron James when he becomes a free agent in 2010?

Dumars said the fact the trade could help the Pistons get $21 million or more under the salary cap this summer and save them $36 million all told, was secondary. He made the trade to help make the Pistons better this season.

There is no way Dumars has made landing James a target or a priority.

Spurs Having Worst Start to Season in 35 Years

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

The Spurs are off to their worst start since opening the 1973-74 ABA season 0-4. It was their first season in San Antonio after playing in Dallas as the Chaparrals. The Spurs joined the NBA in 1976.

Tony Parker led San Antonio with 22 points and Tim Duncan scored 19 as the Spurs continue to play without Manu Ginobili. He’s not expected back until December after surgery to repair his left ankle.

"Uncharted territory for us," Duncan said of the 0-3 start. "We’ve played some bad basketball so far, to say the least."

Danny Granger Playing with Temporary Teeth

11.5.2008 – Updated on 11.5.2008

Granger fractured a root to a front tooth as a rookie when he took a nasty elbow from Kobe Bryant on Jan. 9, 2006. That tooth was put back into place, but in Saturday’s 95-79 victory over the Boston Celtics, Granger shattered both front teeth going for a steal.

"I broke the one they put back and broke off my other tooth," Granger said after practicing Monday with temporary front teeth. "I’ve been through it before, so I’ll just have to go through it again.

"I hate being in the (dentist’s) chair when they do all that, but I have to do it."