Monday , Nov , 10 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Gilbert Arenas Gets Tattoo in Honor of Barack Obama

By now president-elect Barack Obama’s affinity for basketball is a pretty well-known fact.

But what the soon-to-be Prez may not know is how much Washington Wizards’ G Gilbert Arenas has inspired him.

The always-colorful Wizards’ guard unveiled a literal handful of new tattoos Saturday night that have a genesis in Obama’s recent election.

Agent Zero showed off finger tattoos of "Change We Believe In" spread across the inside of each of the digits on his left hand.

The tattoo starts with "Change" on the inside of his index finger and ends with "In" inside the pinkie. It also has "44" on the outside of the pinkie representing Obama’s spot as the nation’s 44th president.,0,360998.story