Monday , Nov , 10 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Antonio McDyess to Get $6 Million from Likely Buyout

McDyess is a "good guy." Six years ago, he felt betrayed during his return to the Nuggets as a recruited free agent, signaled his intention to opt out of his deal as soon as possible, and went to the Knicks in a draft-night deal.

Yet this time, he had a contract that called for him to make nearly $7 million this season and next. He has been rejuvenated as a player in recent seasons, and at age 34, he could be an 18-minute-a-night contributor for the Nuggets through the remainder of his contract (if he stays healthy).

And nobody apparently sees anything wrong with this scenario?

The short-term savings of buying McDyess out versus paying the remainder of the contract made this palatable, or maybe even desirable? It was win-win for the Nuggets to trade for a guy and then, in essence, reward him for his distaste for the franchise? McDyess’ agent, Andy Miller, is making it sound as if every pro team except the Oshkosh All-Stars is lining up to try to sign him after he gets that $6 million buyout from the Nuggets.