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NBA News for November 10th, 2008

NBA News for November 10th, 2008

Antonio McDyess to Get $6 Million from Likely Buyout

McDyess is a "good guy." Six years ago, he felt betrayed during his return to the Nuggets as a recruited free agent, signaled his intention to opt out of his deal as soon as possible, and went to the Knicks in a draft-night deal.

Yet this time, he had a contract that called for him to make nearly $7 million this season and next. He has been rejuvenated as a player in recent seasons, and at age 34, he could be an 18-minute-a-night contributor for the Nuggets through the remainder of his contract (if he stays healthy).

And nobody apparently sees anything wrong with this scenario?

The short-term savings of buying McDyess out versus paying the remainder of the contract made this palatable, or maybe even desirable? It was win-win for the Nuggets to trade for a guy and then, in essence, reward him for his distaste for the franchise? McDyess’ agent, Andy Miller, is making it sound as if every pro team except the Oshkosh All-Stars is lining up to try to sign him after he gets that $6 million buyout from the Nuggets.

Michael Jordan Happy with Larry Brown as Coach of Bobcats

The Bobcats aren’t pushovers for the Raptors or anyone else these days. In picking Hall of Famer Larry Brown as the club’s third head coach in as many years, basketball operations boss and part-owner Michael Jordan has a man known to implement quick fixes.

"We’ve struggled to find our identity," Jordan said. "I think the city is very hungry for a successful franchise. I don’t want to put too much pressure on Larry, but I think this is the type of atmosphere that he enjoys."

With a win over New Orleans on Friday, the Hornets are 2-3 and getting some production out of six-foot point guard D.J. Augustin, who was chosen ninth overall in the 2008 NBA draft.

Gilbert Arenas Gets Tattoo in Honor of Barack Obama

By now president-elect Barack Obama’s affinity for basketball is a pretty well-known fact.

But what the soon-to-be Prez may not know is how much Washington Wizards’ G Gilbert Arenas has inspired him.

The always-colorful Wizards’ guard unveiled a literal handful of new tattoos Saturday night that have a genesis in Obama’s recent election.

Agent Zero showed off finger tattoos of "Change We Believe In" spread across the inside of each of the digits on his left hand.

The tattoo starts with "Change" on the inside of his index finger and ends with "In" inside the pinkie. It also has "44" on the outside of the pinkie representing Obama’s spot as the nation’s 44th president.,0,360998.story

Has Eddy Curry Played his Last Game for the Knicks?

Despite having three years left on his deal, Curry has drawn interest from the Bobcats and Spurs, but this injury could dampen the enthusiasm of those teams.

"It’s pretty sore right now," Curry said.

Curry said he has no idea when he will be able to practice again, and it’s looking like a longshot he will play for the team this season. Curry said the bone bruise occurred during preseason after taking two hits to the knee – from in practice and Robin Lopez during a Nets’ game.

Curry did not make the rotation and hasn’t played a minute this season. The knee became swollen in preseason and was drained before the opener.

Channing Frye Wants to Earn New Contract this Year

"We talked about it. We had mutual talks," Frye told HOOPSWORLD about his recent contract discussions with Portland.

"I want to give myself a whole year to do it. For me, I want to show them what I can be and show my worth to this team."

Portland had the option to sign the 6-11 power forward who moonlights at center to a contract extension but the deadline came and went on October 31 to extend NBA players selected in the 2005 draft. It wasn’t meant to be. According to Frye and General Manager Kevin Pritchard, both parties agreed it was better to wait on business and focus on basketball instead.

Don Nelson Looking to Move Son into Mullin’s Spot?

Amidst the turmoil in Golden State, some around the NBA are speculating that it is Don Nelson’s behind-the-scenes master plan (he got his close friend Larry Riley installed in upper management) to force out Chris Mullin to enable his son, Donn, to move over from Dallas…Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh declared l’affair Stephon over, though in New York the tabloids decided when it over. It’s not as the papers cried that the Knicks wouldn’t let poor Marbusy work out at his old Brooklyn high school and quoted Marbury saying he wished he were now being coached by Larry Brown (who tried to run him out when Brown was there) and someday he might even think of buying the Knicks. But they may get some breathing room.

Raptors Talking to Bobcats, Warriors Concerning Trade

And it follows that the Raptors have talked with both the Golden State Warriors and the Bobcats about trades, according to two league sources, with an eye toward correcting that kind of imbalance.

The Warriors are looking to move Al Harrington, and the Bobcats are looking to trade Wallace.

Each is a veteran small forward who would be an upgrade on the inconsistent Moon. Harrington has the more attractive contract – his deal will expire in 2010. The slashing, ball-hawking Wallace might have the more attractive game, though the five years and nearly $50-million (U.S.) he has left on his contract comes with more risk, particularly given Wallace’s concussion history.