Tuesday , Nov , 11 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Knicks Won’t Activate Stephon Marbury

Bottom line here is the Knicks simply will not play or now even dress Stephon Marbury. Period. Barring a major injury to a starting guard — and even then I might think Nate gets the nod and Anthony Roberson gets more minutes — the only way Marbury gets into an NBA game this season might have to be in another team’s uniform.

This is one interesting stalemate. The Knicks could easily just send him home for a paid vacation and wait for a deal. But instead, they have him show up every day, go with the team on the road and maintain good attendance. It’s his call not to participate in the shoot-arounds and practice scrimmages. But clearly the Knicks are breaking his — uhh — basketballs here until he comes to them with a buyout agreement less than the $21.9 million he is owed. The Knicks, as we’ve reported in the print editions, would accept paying ths difference of his salary minus what he gets from another team as a free agent.