Thursday , Nov , 13 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jamal Crawford: Mike D’Antoni Is Really Good

So where do we start…we just played Memphis. I’m actually on the plane as I write this. We’re 5-3 right now and that’s not bad considering that we’re still adjusting and getting used to what Coach wants from us!

Man, Coach D is really good. He just has this rare quality of what play to call at what time, or how to stay in touch with his players. Whether that’s physically, mentally, when to get on us and when to back off a lil bit….He’s still getting used to us, as well, but the main thing he’s doing is having us play together and compete on a nightly basis.

We’re gonna have ups and downs, games we should win and don’t and games people probably think we shouldn’t win and do. It’s a process and when your changing the culture and getting everyone to gel that’s something that doesn’t happen over night! It’s almost like when you go to work, some days are better then others. Basketball is really fun right now, winning is a big part of that.