Friday , Nov , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Could Danilo Gallinari’s Back Problems Be Mental?

According to those who may not know how to read the results of Gallinari’s two non-fictional MRIs (administered by a New York physician paid by the Knicks, and by a Los Angeles doctor hired by agent Arn Tellem) but who passed English comprehension, the two specialists fully agree the 20-year-old Italian is not a remote candidate for an operation.

"It’s unclear what’s causing the pain to linger and why it keeps re-occurring, which is why we intend to focus on different elements," a Tellem confidant said. "As for the MRIs, both doctors read them the same way, and both concur Danilo does not need to go under the knife."


In view of the findings, some people within the Knicks organization are wondering – not in a wicked way, honest – if Gallinari’s distress might be as much mental as physical.