Tuesday , Nov , 18 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

If Chris Mullin Leaves, Could Monta Ellis Be Traded?

All the people out there who love Ellis better hope that the Warriors and executive vice president of basketball operations Chris Mullin are able to work things out.

Why? Because if Mullin isn’t around, the odds of Ellis getting traded are a lot higher. A lot.

Ellis is Mullin’s guy, plain and simple. Mullin drafted him, Mullin has hung by him and Mullin believes Ellis has that something special of an elite player.

Warriors coach Don Nelson doesn’t exactly share that sentiment. Nelson has come around some on Ellis, but in the grand scheme of things Ellis isn’t one of Nellie’s favorites.

If you’ll notice, Nelson frequently talks about how good Ellis can be. Yet, he seldom gives credit to Ellis for how good he is now.