Saturday , Nov , 22 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Stephon Marbury, Mike D’Antoni’s Stories Conflict

"When the trades went down this afternoon, I said, ‘Look Steph, one of the principals are gone, Jamal Crawford. There’s 30 to 35 minutes out there, and they’re yours if you want them. Are you ready to go?’ " D’Antoni said.

According to D’Antoni, Marbury replied that he "wasn’t comfortable with the situation, and he did not want to play. So at that point, I go, ‘O.K., that’s your decision, and that’s fine.’ That’s it."

Marbury had a different view of the events.

"The only thing I’m at liberty to say is that I was told that they were moving forward, and I’m not the person who chooses who plays or doesn’t," Marbury said.