Saturday , Nov , 22 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Bobby Simmons: You Know LeBron James Is Going to the New York Knicks

Bobby Simmons was the most blunt:

"It’s all about how you play your cards right now," the Nets forward said. "There’s only one team that this guy is going to. I don’t know why everybody’s making a big deal about it. I’m just saying: You know he’s going to the biggest market, to play for the Knicks. It’s a business move. It’s all about the marketing dollar."

"It works for both sides financially, and obviously we know what that means," Jarvis Hayes said. "Al Harrington comes off the books in oh-10, so that’s perfect. But in basketball terms, I really like Jamal Crawford going to Golden State. If Golden State had to get rid of Al, that’s a good trade for them."