Friday , Nov , 28 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Michael Beasley Still Struggling Defensively

Amare Stoudemire must be licking his chops. Not because today is Thanksgiving, but because the Phoenix All-Star forward could draw Heat rookie Michael Beasley as his primary defender Friday night.

Yes, Beasley’s defense is getting better. But that’s a relative statement. He started as an awful defender. Through hard work he’s improved to the point he’s a bad defender. We won’t re-hash the hit list. Just know that in the past week or so Beasley has twice picked up two quick fouls in the game’s opening two and a half minutes and been relegated to the bench.

Friday’s game against Phoenix might be a repeat performance. Beasley, who remains upbeat, said teams know he’s a poor defender and they attack. The Heat has few options to counter such a strategy.