Thursday , Dec , 04 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Bulls Start Derrick Rose ASG Campaign

”As far as his jump stop and his change-of-pace quickness, he kind of reminds me of younger [Stephon] Marbury, but more athletic. Sometimes even a Dwyane Wade. But he has his own style of game. So you don’t want to compare a guy like that to others, he’s developing into his own guard. He definitely is going to be up there as far as his talent. He controls his own destiny.”

A day after Rose was named the conference rookie of the month, the Bulls broke out the ”Vote for Derrick Rose” signs Tuesday, encouraging fans to help make him the first Bulls player to make an all-star team since Michael Jordan in 1998.

The team likely will soon begin a rookie-of-the-year campaign for Rose, similar to the ”Brand X” soap boxes filled with all things Elton Brand the Bulls sent out when he was the No. 1 pick in 1999. Brand scored 22 points and grabbed 14 rebounds for Philadelphia.,CST-SPT-bull03.article