Friday , Dec , 05 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Stephon Marbury to Knicks: Waive Me or Let Me Play

"If they give me a uniform, I’m going to go out and play," Marbury told The Post yesterday. "It’s their choice. I was getting ready to go back to practice and play [after Saturday’s suspension]."

It was a departure from his comments made on Thanksgiving when he said, "This needs to end. The marriage is over."

Knicks president Donnie Walsh said he expects Marbury buyout talks to resume following Monday’s failed meetings. The sides are now $3 million apart after Marbury withdrew his offer to take $1 million less than his contract, which has him earning $21.9 million.

"The negotiations are over," Marbury said. "That’s what they don’t realize. I was wrong to try to buy my freedom. The money is off the table. I came to them with the million dollars. I didn’t have to give them nothing."