Thursday , Dec , 18 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jordan Farmar Unhappy with Role in LA

It was a meeting of the minds Monday between Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar and Coach Phil Jackson. They talked about differences in philosophies and styles of play.

By Tuesday night, Farmar seemed disgruntled, the telling sign coming when Jackson yanked him out of the game against New York 4:01 into the fourth quarter and the 6-foot-2 guard stormed off the court and exchanged words with his coach. Farmar played just nine minutes against the Knicks.


"He didn’t call me up there, I asked to talk to him — to vent," Farmar said. "Just trying to get some things across."

It was as if Farmar popped into the "principal’s office," Jackson said. "I felt he was frustrated.",0,6362688.story?track=rss