Monday , Dec , 22 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Channing Frye: It’s a Sucky Situation for Me

When Martell Webster returns from a fractured foot, McMillan could opt to give Travis Outlaw minutes at power forward, where he was most productive last season. Should that happen, the few minutes left to Frye and Diogu may vanish. And with Frye facing free agency this summer, losing an opportunity to showcase himself only adds to the pressure.

It’s something Frye said he thinks about, but tries not to focus on. Instead, he tells himself that there is still time in the season to turn things around.

“Everybody understands my situation with the team. And if L.A. wasn’t playing great, or if Joel wasn’t playing great, or Greg, I’d be in a totally different situation,” Frye said. “It’s a sucky situation, but I can’t let this hurt my confidence.”