Thursday , Dec , 25 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Don Nelson to Step Down as Coach?

Whether that last statement is true or not, one source says that over the summer there was discussion, however brief, about Nelson taking over as GM and promoting Sidney Moncrief to head coach. This, in any case, is indisputable: Davis would still be in a Warriors’ uniform, according to other sources, if Mullin still had been in control. Mullin did not fire his right-hand man, Pete D’Alessandro, a quiet, hard-working capologist respected league-wide, and replace him with Larry Riley, Nelson’s right-hand man and closest confidant. Nor did Mullin replace Riley on Nelson’s coaching staff with Larry Harris, son of one of Nelson’s other long-time confidants, Del Harris, according to a source.

Nelson expressed disappointment that Davis opted out and signed with the Clippers after the Warriors refused to give him an extension. One source, though, insists Nelson advised Rowell to stiff-arm Davis’ request. In any case, it’s hard to believe Rowell would defy his VP and his head coach if they both wanted Davis back.

Then again, hearing a multitude of sources paint one picture and hearing Nelson publicly paint another one is also reminiscent of 15 years ago.