Sunday , Dec , 28 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Amare Stoudemire: My Loyalty Is with Phoenix Suns Right Now

The last time Amaré Stoudemire felt this kind of attention, he chose Memphis when he was being recruited by colleges.

This time, the Suns star is not even eligible for recruitment until at least July 2010, but that’s not stopping people- just fans, so far – from trying to pry him from Phoenix.

"Everywhere I go, from New York to LA, they’re all saying, ‘Come here,’ ‘Come to LA,’ ‘Come to New York,’ ‘We want you here,’ ‘We want you there,’ " Stoudemire said before adding a qualifier to ease those who don’t want him to leave Phoenix.

"But I like it here in Phoenix," he said. "Phoenix is a beautiful city. I’ve grown here, and my family has as well. Hopefully I can remain here, but only the future can tell.

"Right now I’ve got a Phoenix Suns jersey, and that’s where my loyalty is."