Saturday , Jan , 03 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Could Stephon Marbury Really End up with Boston Celtics?

Walsh said he plans to attempt to re-open talks after the weekend and said, "If you’re going to do a buyout, it takes two to tango. You’ve got to agree on things."

As for any concerns about Marbury going to Boston, an Eastern Conference team, Walsh said he has none.

Danny Ainge declined comment on the ESPN report. People I talked to up in Beantown said the Celtics were surprised by it.

Marbury, meanwhile, was in Minnesota and attended the Timberwolves game (and to see Sebastian, no doubt, after missing him last week in New York). Marbury was interviewed during the broadcast and made every effort to perpetuate the Celtics angle. "There is some hope, if I can get out of my contract and they’re interested in me," he said. "How can you deny the chance?"