Saturday , Jan , 03 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Should Shaq Be an All-Star Again?

O’Neal said he should be an All-Star on his home floor but said "I’m not going to be doing e-mail campaigns and putting on cowboys hats."

He has campaigned to get the ball more. The Suns obliged in this week’s wins with Steve Nash (back spasms) and Amaré Stoudemire (fouled out Monday, ejected Tuesday) essentially out. Nash practiced Thursday and expects to play Friday night.

"I know I like to be heavily involved," O’Neal said. "I told Steve (Kerr) and I told Terry (Porter) that I can’t be the Shaq you want me to be, shooting four out of five, nine rebounds. I’m known to wreak havoc offensively, make teams double, get my teammates involved. That’s what I’m known to do, and I still have the ability to do that. I’ve shown that. If I’m involved, into the flow, doing what I’m doing, then I can still put up big numbers, especially the way I’ve been shooting from the free-throw line (66 percent in December).