Wednesday , Jan , 07 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Monta Ellis Reportedly Not Happy with Warriors

I checked again with people who know Monta Ellis, and I will repeat and now can amplify what I’ve been saying for weeks:

Ellis is working to get back healthy, but he is not happy with the Warriors, it’s getting worse, and he definitely is not pleased about rejoining a Warriors universe that is ruled by Don Nelson and Robert Rowell.

In fact, the word is that Ellis’ recovery is coming along very nicely. Whether that means he’s ready to play in a few weeks or a month or in late-March, nobody knows. It’s just looking good for him as his ankle heals and he begins to get ready for some full-court work.

However, that is not a purely positive thing for the Warriors. It could be a very bad thing for the Warriors, unless a sudden ceasefire is called between Warriors management and Ellis.