Wednesday , Jan , 07 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Richardson Wants a Shot at 3-Point Contest

Like sparks, Suns guard Jason Richardson can fly and fire. He has abilities to soar for crowd-pleasing dunks and hit 3-point shots at an NBA-best level.

He wants to be the only NBA player who has done both the best when the NBA All-Star Game is in Phoenix next month.

"Hopefully I can be the first one to do it," Richardson said. "That shows a lot about my game, that I’m not just a dunker."

Only nine other NBA players have participated in All-Star weekend’s slam-dunk and 3-point contests during their careers. Ray Allen is the only slam-dunk participant to win a 3-point contest. Brent Barry and Michael Jordan are the only slam-dunk winners to participate in a 3-point contest.