Thursday , Jan , 08 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Knicks Planning to Bring Marcus Camby Back to New York?

While I would not fault New York for trying to pawn off Richardson on Mike Dunleavy (or others) had the insulting notion been so much as floated, it shows the petty respect authors of such gobbledygook-for-toddlers have for the once South Carolina student-of-the-game under Frank McGuire and Donnie Walsh.

Certainly, the Knicks covet Camby. Except for the discounted-Denver Nuggets, who donated him to my Paper Clips for a potential trade of second-round picks, name a team in business to win that wouldn’t want a radical rebounder devoted to playing defense and can’t be ignored on offense.

Of course, had Walsh given his decision a little more thought, he could’ve bagged Camby in a three-way deal three months ago. Dunleavy offered to take Zach Randolph’s mega millions off his cap for that same harmless swap of No. 2s.