Thursday , Jan , 08 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Golden State Are Ruined; LeBron Has Sights on Celtics; Darius Miles May Cost Blazers Dearly

Golden State Are Ruined; LeBron Has Sights on Celtics; Darius Miles May Cost Blazers DearlyHit the headings to find the full stories, or just scan the commentary and try to guess what went down.  Either way, read on for my thoughts on today’s NBA news and rumours.

Knicks Planning to Bring Marcus_Camby Back to New York?

Why on earth can’t the Knicks just hold fire for a minute?  I swear they’re involved in a good seventy percent of all trade rumors, and the deals that become reality almost invariably leave them worse off than before.  We thought it was simply Zeke’s overzealous attitude to personnel management, but apparently Donnie Walsh has the same tendency to get overexcited.  If the MSG front office were a dog, it would have been neutered by now. 

LeBron_James: Celtics Match-up Not Just Another Game

Translation: I plan to put a whupping on the Celtics.  Although Paul Pierce assures us that it’s not time to panic, Gang Green’s recent run of craptacularity must have Eastern Conference teams like the Cavs salivating.  You can’t blame LeBron for thinking this could be time to make a statement, but when your opponents are fresh off losses to the Warriors, Knicks and Bobcats, you have to put an asterisk next to the result.

Jamal_Crawford to Opt out and Sign Long-Term with Warriors?

Jamal Crawford’s promising performance this season has been one of the few positives in an otherwise unequivocally shitty campaign for Golden State.  From Mopedgate to a malignant Maggette to Don Nelson’s inability to give even a fraction of a crap about what’s happening, ’08-’09 has been a wash for the Warriors.  Let’s hope that by next year Jamal and Monta have had enough time playing alongside one another to make things work in the backcourt.

Monta_Ellis 80-85 Percent Recovered

At this point, Monta’s ankle isn’t the part of him causing the problems.  Oakland may have cause for concern about the physical rehab process, but the real issue at this point is his mental attitude.  Word from the insiders is that Ellis, like most of the Bay Area, doesn’t like the way the team is playing under Don Nelson, and doesn’t think the current rotation will give him room to play the way he wants.

Anthony_Randolph: I Don’t Have a Bad Attitude

Yikes.  I must have missed the news that January 8th would be celebrated as "Evidence-Golden-State-Is-Boned Day".  The worst part is that the man in the middle of every ominous report, Don Nelson, isn’t expected to be canned any time soon.  Tough break, Oakland.  At least you have the weather.

Darius_Miles Two Games from Costing Blazers $18 Million

Portland has to be sweating about this one.  Despite dismantling the Jail Blazers line-up that ruined the franchise’s rep, they’re still not free of the financial burden.  All Miles has to do is collect garbage time in two more games this year and a full eighteen million bucks is back on the Blazers’ books.  What’s the over/under on someone from the organisation going Tony Harding on his legs to keep him from killing their cap?