Friday , Jan , 09 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Blazers Threaten League about Darius Miles; NBA Comments

Yet everything surrounding the Miles affair — the possibility of him returning to the NBA this season, and the negative salary-cap ramifications he would cause for the Portland Trail Blazers — took a complicated and controversial turn Friday after the club sent a memo to the 29 other NBA teams threatening litigation against anyone who signs Miles or claims his contract off waivers if it is solely for the purpose of burdening the Blazers’ cap.


The NBA in its statement also seemed to indicate that it would support any club wishing to sign the veteran forward.

Numerous league executives contacted by suggested Friday that a line in the memo confirming that "teams are free to sign Darius Miles to a Uniform Player Contract" and that "any such contract would be approved by the NBA" are a first in a league-issued waiver notice.