Monday , Jan , 12 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Will NBA Fine Blazers for Email?

Most teams I’ve spoken to expect the Blazers to face some sort of heavy fine from the league office — in addition to whatever legal problems they might have created for themselves — for what was widely perceived to be a threatening (and unprecedented) e-mail to 29 teams about staying away from signing Darius Miles. But I’m not so sure.

The vibe I get is that the league, which has yet to issue any formal comment on this case, might decide that fining Portland on top of the multimillion-dollar implications of having Miles’ contract restored to the Blazers’ payroll would be excessive.

The Blazers say they informed the league before sending out the e-mail, implying no one stopped them. League officials maintain they didn’t approve the e-mail but acknowledged that Portland made its intentions known shortly before sending it out. Stay tuned.