Tuesday , Jan , 13 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Phil Jackson: Dwyane Wade Travels

"What he’s really been able to do is that pick-up move, that the Europeans really have brought in," Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson said before Sunday’s 108-105 victory over the Heat at Staples Center. "We all would consider that a walk move: Pick up the ball, take two steps, that’s two and a half steps. And he’s been able to get a long distance on that.

"And because of his ability to change directions from left to right and right to left very well, he’s able to avoid defenses, and he’s exceptional at that."

In some ways, Jackson’s observation is similar to Dunleavy’s, who said, "His ability to carry the ball right now, he’s getting away with that. He (carries) left to right, right to left, but he just does it fast, so nobody sees it, I guess."