Friday , Jan , 16 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Yao Ming: No Truth to Feud Rumors

Yao Ming, the center and centerpiece of the Rockets, did not claim these are grand times for the Rockets. Their three-game winning streak last week was not equated to the 22-game run last season. Their strong performance in a loss to the Lakers was not confused for actually winning.

He said, however, that a report of locker room discord to the point that he and Tracy McGrady do not speak and that he wants McGrady off the team is not true.

Yao spoke Thursday on topics ranging from from getting McGrady and Ron Artest back on the court to the sanctity of the locker room. But when there was doubt about where he stood, he made himself clear.

Responding to an story that he and McGrady are not on speaking terms and that he wants McGrady out, Yao said the report is not accurate.

"I’m upset," he said, "(that) this news is fake."