Friday , Jan , 16 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Vince Carter Saw Plane Crash into Hudson

"I was just sitting there, looking out the window — dead even where the plane hit," Carter said before tipoff Thursday night, still incredulous over the US Airways crash he saw hours earlier.

That in itself was unexpected: The Nets star is usually napping at that time of day.

"No, I was up — I was just sitting in the bedroom, and. . . .I thought I was watching TV. It landed like it was a movie. It hit like nose first, and you could (hear) the impact. Couldn’t believe it. Just couldn’t believe it."

Carter’s first call was Nets trainer Tim Walsh.

"You’re not going to believe what I just saw," the player said.

Walsh, who already had the TV on, replied, "I think I can guess."