Monday , Jan , 19 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

What Will Shaq Do in 2010?

O’Neal will be a free agent in the coveted 2010 market. And while it was thought he probably would retire after his contract his up, he won’t be surprised if he is still playing in two years.

"I never said I was going to be done playing," O’Neal said. "I was just saying that it’s motivation for myself. I have two years left to let me try to get it done. We’ll see. I look at it now, there are guys making $10 million to $12 million averaging 3 points. I can average 12 until I’m 67."

While O’Neal acknowledged he was excited to play against the defending champions tonight, he believes the Celtics will be excited and challenged, too.

"I also get excited about playing against other great players," O’Neal said. "That’s a hell of roster there. They’re the champs. It’s a measuring stick for those guys. It’s a measuring stick for us."