Wednesday , Jan , 21 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Devin Harris Calls on Donovan McNabb for Advice

The first half ended with three straight defeats and Frank sending a message to his team after it trailed by 30 against Boston. Frank benched Harris, Vince Carter and Josh Boone after halftime. Carter understood and has moved on, but Harris, who was in a good mood Monday, doesn’t seem like he has yet.

Harris text messaged Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to see how he handled his second-half benching against Baltimore. McNabb did not immediately reply.

If Harris lets anything linger, it may not bode well for Frank. Harris is the future face of the franchise and a cornerstone player. He said that some people "upstairs" may not have been that happy with Frank’s decision either.

"I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a positive move from everybody’s standpoint," Harris said. "I’m pretty sure other people didn’t like it."