Thursday , Jan , 22 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Dolan Will Release Stephon Marbury for $2 Million

Olympiakos may be willing to pay a portion of Marbury’s salary. The Knicks will likely wait until after next month’s trading deadline, on Feb. 19, before making a decision on Marbury’s future. If Marbury is released after March 1 he would not be eligible for the playoffs.

Garden chairman James Dolan may be willing to release Marbury if the exiled point guard gives back $2 million of his $20.8 salary, WFAN radio reported Wednesday.

The station’s afternoon host, Mike Francesa, said he gathered that information during a causal conversation with Dolan. The Knicks say that Dolan doesn’t recall saying that and reiterated that Dolan has given team president Donnie Walsh the authority to decide Marbury’s future.