Monday , Feb , 09 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Spencer Hawes Shows Support for Sonics

Spencer Hawes isn’t one for innuendo. He’s more the billboard type.

As the Kings’ second-year center strolled through Ford Center on Sunday, his message was clear from the yellow suit and green dress shirt to the Space Needle tie.

"I was a big Sonics fan growing up, born and raised in Seattle," Hawes said. "I think it’s a travesty that they were taken away after 40 years, and this is my way of showing it."

And his public display of his disdain for the franchise’s relocation to Oklahoma City didn’t begin when he walked into Ford Center. Hawes wore a SuperSonics jersey on the team flight.

"I left my (Gary) Payton (jersey) back at home," said Hawes, who had 15 points and six rebounds against the Thunder. "That one is a little too tight. If I had the old Payton in the size I wear now, I’d be in business. It looked more like a wife beater."