Monday , Feb , 16 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Could LeBron James Switch to Number 6 Jersey?

Wearing No. 6, though, has become somewhat standard for James. Ever since his triumphant summer wearing the number for Team USA – which James has said was the best experience of his career – he wears the number during practices and workouts as homage to that gold-medal effort and all the work that went into it.

Often when he gives autographed jerseys as gifts to friends or special causes these days, he’ll sign an Olympic No. 6 jersey.

So indeed, he is No. 23, but No. 6 is part of him too. Someday, there’s a chance it could be his number all the time.

"It’s interesting to think about. I feel like 6 is my number, too," James said about the prospect of switching.

"If the NBA retired 23 because of Michael [Jordan] like baseball did with Jackie Robin