Saturday , Feb , 21 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Rafer Alston Very Pleased with Trade to Orlando Magic

Rafer Alston thought he was safe.

The veteran point guard knew his name was out there in trade talks, but he didn’t hear anything when the Houston Rockets finished practice right around the trade deadline Thursday. He showered, got in his car and was driving home when his phone rang.

Alston was part of a last-minute deal after all. And after the initial shock, Alston was thrilled to be joining the Orlando Magic, a team desperate for an experienced playmaker after All-Star Jameer Nelson’s season-ending shoulder injury.

"To go to a contender, I had a smile from cheek to cheek, from ear to ear when they told me I was coming to Orlando," Alston said before making a hurried debut against Charlotte on Friday night.