Saturday , Feb , 21 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Reggie Theus: I Didn’t Get a Fair Shot with the Kings

Curious to hear Reggie Theus’ thoughts on the Kings, the recent moves, and his own plans, I reached him on his cell phone a few minutes ago and found him eager to chat. (My few previous attempts found him reluctant to rehash his one-plus seasons in Sacramento). Anyway, he was about as candid as he could be without damaging his future job prospects. He still refuses to totally bash his former employers, but he had some interesting things to say. We’ll give him the microphone and let him vent:

On being replaced by Kenny Natt on Dec. 14 with the Kings off to a 6-18 start during his second season

"Obviously, with the record, and the way things were done, it wasn’t my coaching. The team we had wasn’t healthy. The thing I don’t understand is that Geoff (Petrie) said I wouldn’t be evaluated until the team was healthy. How do you justify that? That was tough. I don’t think I got a fair shot. But watching the team disintegrate was even tougher. Watching it go into the toilet … watching the personalities lose confidence, regress … that was tough. I thought Beno (Udrih), who was struggling, got worse.