Monday , Mar , 09 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Has Chris Bosh Given up on the Raptors’ Season?

If a fifth straight Raptors loss — a winnable game that wasn’t — didn’t push Chris Bosh further down the path to deciding the grass really may be greener elsewhere, he certainly came across sounding like a guy inching his way in that direction.

Asked if he felt yesterday’s 109-101 defeat to the red-hot Utah Jazz was a missed opportunity, Bosh couldn’t muster even the usual simmering frustration that has marked many similar post-loss chats with the media.

"Man, I’m just looking at the next game," Bosh admitted. "I don’t really care to define a loss any more. A loss is a loss. Let’s just move on."

It was as defeatist a comment, not to mention posture, as he has made all season.