Wednesday , Mar , 11 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Report: Shaq Wants to Leave Phoenix

So the Suns fired Coach Terry Porter, which offered less in cost savings but gave them a last chance at a playoff run. . . . only to see Stoudemire go out for the season.

The Suns are now four games behind No. 8 Dallas, with Sarver looking at a luxury tax bill of almost $20 million.

Worse, Sarver is now like a jet pilot whose fuel gauge shows zero, having hit his afterburner at the point of no return. He has a $77-million payroll for next season — which would mean $15 million more in tax — if he lets Grant Hill and Matt Barnes go.

Oh, and Shaq, who’s still broadcasting his love for Phoenix, is saying privately he wants out, upset to the highest level of upsetivity, as he once said, at almost being traded, or the team’s return to running, or both.,0,6691717.story