Wednesday , Mar , 11 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Do the Bulls Have a Shot at Dwyane Wade?

Next year, Wade will be a free agent. Thanks in part to their deadline deals, the Bulls have available cap space. Wade grew up in Robbins dreaming of being Michael Jordan. Here’s his chance. If he signed with the Bulls it could be 1991 all over again. Imagine it.

Derrick Rose and Wade, two local boys, the modern day Jordan and Pippen, leading the Bulls back to glory.

It not only seems plausible but logical until you realize it almost never happens. Sadly for the Bulls, superstar free-agents rarely leave their teams. Rules have been established to discourage it. As much as we want it to happen it rarely does, as much as we like to think it’s not all about the money it almost always is.,hayes-wade-bulls-031009.article