Friday , Mar , 13 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

League Could Legalize LeBron’s Crab Dribble

here might be some salvation for the "crab dribble" after all.
In response to increased scrutiny in recent years, the NBA is examining rewriting its traveling rules as soon as next season. It may include allowing for two steps, not one as currently written, and possibly even a provision for LeBron James’ famous, or infamous, depending on your perspective, crab-dribble move.

"We’re working on it," Joe Borgia, NBA’s vice president of referee operations, told the blog Truehoop recently.

"Our traveling rule we’ve been discussing for a couple of years," he said. "The game has evolved. I don’t think the rule has evolved since the time of Bob Cousy. But we’re also going to probably share it with the NCAA and maybe FIBA, because it would be nice if we could all come up with a similar rule. A similar rule would be great for the players, the coaches, and the officials."