Tuesday , Mar , 31 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Could Bulls Make Move for Chris Bosh?

Bosh can be part of the vaunted free-agent class of 2010 if he opts out of his contract. Of all the top guns headed for the open market, Bosh might be the least likely to sign an extension with his current team. The Raptors took a nosedive after two straight playoff trips, and the living in Canada part has turned off players in the past.

So moving Bosh before he leaves as a free agent appears to be a logical move for the Raptors. They might get a better return this summer than at next year’s trade deadline, when potential partners hope desperation sets in.

Sunday’s win over the Bulls provided a nice snapshot of Bosh. He produced 31 points and 15 rebounds, creating matchup problems most every trip down the floor. But he’s also an average-to-poor defender, as evidenced by Derrick Rose’s repeated drives to the basket.