Friday , Apr , 03 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Oscar Robertson: LeBron James Could Average a Triple-Double

It’s not that LeBron James’s numbers this season — 28.3 points, 7.7. rebounds and 7.3 assists — are tantalizingly close. It’s that James, who just turned 24, has so much room to grow as a player that if anybody dares to dream of doing it, he would be the one. There’s one supreme expert on the topic of the triple-double, and it’s Robertson, who said in a conversation on the topic yesterday: "Oh, I think LeBron has a real chance to do it. He’d have to play more minutes, though. I think I played 44 minutes a game that year, and LeBron is playing, what, 36, 37 minutes [actually 38] a game this year?"

Robertson, who isn’t one to throw a lot of phony praise at today’s players, said of James: "I am definitely impressed with LeBron. . . . [He’s] so gifted in his abilities. He doesn’t even know, yet, all of what he can do."