Sunday , May , 10 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

NBA Comments on Fouls by Ron Artest, Kendrick Perkins

Also, the NBA downgraded Ron Artest’s flagrant foul against Pau Gasol in Friday night’s Lakers-Rockets game from a flagrant-2 to a flagrant-1.

NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said the Perkins-Pietrus play did not fit the criteria for a suspendable offense.

Perkins elbowed Pietrus early in the fourth quarter of Boston’s 117-96 defeat.

"I was just trying to fight through a screen. It wasn’t like I was trying to hurt him or elbow him in his mouth or nothing like that, I was just trying to fight through the screen and ended up hitting him," Perkins said.

NBA rules call for the automatic ejection of a player who strikes an opponent above the shoulders with an elbow or a punch, but Perkins was not tossed from the game and the play was not reviewed because it did not involve a flagrant-2 foul.