Tuesday , May , 12 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Dallas Fans Throw Items at Carmelo’s Girlfriend, Martin’s Mother

Martin’s mother had been the center of a postgame issue with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after Game 3. She did not appear to be causing any sort of scene in the stands. She was seated next to Carmelo Anthony’s girlfriend, but the rest of the section around her was virtually all Maverick fans.

The Mavericks hired six extra police officers to man positions near the Nuggets’ bench, near Martin’s mother and around the Mavericks’ bench.

Later in the game, apparently something was thrown at Anthony’s girlfriend and she left the area to watch the rest of the game elsewhere.

With several security people around Martin’s mother, there were no other apparent incidents with her.

Said Denver coach George Karl when asked if the crowd was rowdy: “I would use a stronger word. But let’s leave it at that.’’