Tuesday , May , 19 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Could this Be One of the Worst Drafts Ever?

So it’s essential for the Kings to get the only can’t-miss player in the draft pool after their worst season since winning 19 games in 1960 when they were known as the Cincinnati Royals. After Griffin, there’s a big drop to the second tier of players: Spain’s playmaker Ricky Rubio and former UConn center Hasheem Thabeet. Neither is ready to walk in immediately and contribute. After those two, it’s a cast of thousands and all guesswork.

"This could be one of the worst drafts ever," said one Eastern Conference president. "Of course, we’re coming off two pretty good drafts."

Not that the last two crops will do anything for the Kings if they don’t come away with the grand prize, a 6-10 scorer who has impressed in recent workouts against the Kings’ Kenny Thomas.