Sunday , Jun , 21 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

T’Wolves Deny Picking Mark Jackson as Coach

The Timberwolves haven’t settled on a coach, and they aren’t shopping center Al Jefferson.

Kahn, the team’s president of basketball operations, was in full denial mode Friday, shooting down a report that ESPN/ABC analyst Mark Jackson is his pick to be the Wolves’ next coach.

"There’s no truth to it," Kahn said. "It’s a little bit like the Al Jefferson thing. I guess this is, again I’ve fallen into my editorial comment of the day. I remember in the old days when you actually would get a call from somebody for a confirmation or denial. These days you don’t even get that. It’s just a different world."

Pro Basketball News, citing multiple unidentified sources, reported that Jackson is the leading candidate for the Wolves’ job, with one source saying the team already had decided on him.