Thursday , Nov , 05 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Terry: The NBA’s New Rims Stink Like the Composite Ball

Battier admits that he is not a fan, saying he believes they make the ball "more temperamental" when it bounces. And reigning NBA Sixth Man Award winner Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks was far stronger in his criticism, suggesting that the rims’ increased give has been a major factor in the unexpected struggles from the field that have plagued the Mavericks during their 2-1 start.

"I am not used to them yet," Battier said. "So as of now, no, I don’t like them."

Said Terry, who was shooting an uncharacteristic 35 percent from the floor and 33.3 percent on 3-pointers entering Tuesday’s game against Utah: "They stink. Why change something that works? Were the old rims [faulty]? It’s just like that [composite] ball they tried." has also learned that one Eastern Conference team was so unnerved by the rim change during the preseason that it considered pursuing a grievance through the players’ union, reminiscent of the 2006-07 season when NBA commissioner David Stern eventually abolished use of a new composite ball after two months and switched back to the old leather ball after numerous player complaints.